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Demographic from the Laureate Institute on R. E. S. T. Float Therapy.

Float Therapy Videos

Inside the West Float Suite at the Tension Relief Center.

Your 60 Minute session starts when you arrive.

Important Note Regarding Hair Dye: your float must be scheduled two weeks after dying your hair, otherwise you will be asked to reschedule your float. The color must hold in order to be able to float.

Before entering the Mineral Pool:
Insert the premium gel earplugs
Shower at a comfortable temperature

The float pool temperature is a warming and comfortable 96 to 98 degrees.

Use of float halo to support your neck
Ocean waves background music
LED overhead lighting
LED pool lighting

You can expect to relax and allow the stresses of the week to melt away.

If you haven’t tried Float Therapy, we would highly recommend experiencing it for yourself!

On Flotation Therapy

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